Billmore Hawkins
Background information
 Debut Space Monsters (2015)
 Full Name Billy Jeff "Billmore" Hawkins
 Aliases Mr. Jane, Billmore, Bill, Major Bill, Billmore, Bill Hawkins, Billy, Billy Hawkins
 Birthday January 22, 2000
 Origin Manhattan, New York, United States of America
 Age 25-26 (SM)
 Friends Josh Celton (best friend), Sam Ramsen (supporter), General Baxter (important commander), Deck Homwell, Brake Andrens, Rina Stock
 Enemies Space monsters and Xenorians
 Likes Patriotism, loyalty, negotiations, training, arms in general
 Dislikes Terrorism, Nazism, Fascism, Al-Qaeda, dirty tricks, creepers (when he falls asleep)
 Hobbies Spending time in military training (e.g. target practice), regular exercise
 Abilities Military weapons, tech-based weapons, gaining powers with implants
 Alignment Good
 Status Alive
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Height None listed
 Weight None listed
 Hair color Brown
 Eye color Black
 Blood type A
Real-Life Information
 Portrayer(s) Hayden Christensen
David Vincent
David Vincent

This page is a stub, which is incomplete to expand more than a full version of a subject. You can help Psonic Database Wiki by providing more information. Billmore Hawkins is one of the main heroes who made his actual debut in the first entry of the Space Monsters series of top-down shooter video games.

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